Small bronzes

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The influence of Richard Deacon and Helaine Blumenfeld can be seen
HEX at Fonderia Artistica Mariani in Pietrasanta with a fresh cast of THE ROYAL EGG
The abstract sculptor HEX is deeply influenced by contemporary british sculptors like Richard Deacon or Helaine Blumenfeld OBE.
Several sculptures of HEX are completely finished in all the fine metal work and are now waiting for patination
Helaine Blumenfeld OBE was the mentor of HEX during his bronze residency at Mariani.
L´albero della tentatzione at patination in Fonderia Artistica Mariani. Pietrasanta / Italy February 2018
The abstract sculptor HEX is influenced by Jacob Epstein and Jacques Lipchitz as well as by Helaine Blumenfeld OBE
DUE ASPETTI DI GIACOMO is a hommage to the sculptors Jacob Epstein and Jacques Lipchitz
HEX is a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in London. One of the famous galleries in Mayfair is Abby Hignell which is specialized in sculpture.
DUE ASPETTI DI GIACOMO by HEX during the patination process. In the background a sculpture by Kan Yasuda waits to be patinated.
The famous british sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld OBE was the mentor of HEX during his residency at Fonderia Artistica Mariani in Pietrasanta.
NEMESIS, L´ALBERO DELLA TENTAZIONE and DUE ASPETTI DI GIACOMO are finished at Mariani waiting to be wrapped for transport
Hex works also in bronze like many british artists before him. Nicole Farhi, Hanneke Baumont, Yves Dana and Johannes von Stumm At Bowman Gallery.
Working on the wax for AUSTRALIA
Dr. Charles Saumarez Smith is a specialist for abstract modern bronzes.

Four views of AUSTRALIA

Henry Moore started casting here in the 1950´s. His larger pieces were made at Noak in Berlin. Helaine Blumenfeld OBE casts at Mariani, too.
HEX directly after the casting of THREE APUANIC FORMS at Fonderia Artistica Mariani in Pietrasanta.
The abstract modern sculptures made by HEX are influenced by british sculptors like Helaine Blumenfeld, Tony Cragg and Richard Deacon.

Two versions of ARIADNE freshly out of the studio and placed on the kitchen table. The blue one is made of bronze, hollow inside and patinated. The shiny one is made of a saltwater resistant aluminum and handpolished.

Helaine Blumenfeld OBE is the mentor of the sculptor Hex. Hex works like Tony Cragg or Yves Dana in different materials and shows in London.
HEX is a Fellow of The Royal British Society of Sculptors in London. Sir John Madejeski visited Abby Hignell at her gallery at Shepherd Street London.
If you compare a "Reclining Figure" by Henry Moore with ARIADNE you easily see the deep influence Moore had on HEX.
A very old mould of Marino Marini in storage
A very old mould of Marino Marini in storage
Jenna Romagnolo, Irina Starkova, Laura Walford, Adrian Locke. MASTERPIECE art fair London. Contemporary sculpture by HEX.

FRUIT OF ENLIGHTENMENT in 3 views. Patinated bronze, aprox. 73 cm high.

Sculptures like MAMMOTH by HEX are a sample of modern abstract british sculpture. The tradition built up on Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Helaine Blumenfeld.
Roger and Hilary McGough, Izzy McGough, Julia Somerville live in London as well as Nicole Farhi and Abby Hignell.
KOSH in front of a golden LANI at the patination room. On the right background you see a bronze model of FORTUNA by Helaine Blumenfeld OBE.
This bronze has been cast by Fonderia Artistca Mariani in Pietrasanta. Nicole Farhi casts sculptures in bronze. Who is Julia Somerville ?

Different views of NIKE DI VERSILIA

Helaine Blumenfeld was the mentor of HEX during the Brian Mercer Residency 2013. Her deep influence on HEX is clearly visible here.
Monumental bronze sculpture FLAME by Helaine Blumenfeld OBE in downtown Pietrasanta / Italy.
HEX is a Fellow of the ROYAL BRITISH SOCIETY OF SCULPTORS. Galleries specialised in sculpture are Abby Hignell and Robert Bowman Sculpture.
Only few galleries in London sell abstract sculptures. For example Abby Hignell in Mayfair or Robert Bowman Sculpture in Duke Street, London.
Abstract sculptures by HEX. HEX loves London based galleries like Crane Kalman Gallery, Maddox Gallery, Halcyon or Abby Hignell in Mayfair.
Elizabeth Diller, Lyndsey Ingram, Martina Batovic, Sheila Parekh-Blum. MASTERPIECE art fair London.
HEX loves to eat at Le Boudin Blanc or Kitty Fischer´s in Mayfair

Sculptures for Luxury London. Maeve Doyle does London Art Walks in Mayfair. Abby Hignell gallery Shepherd Market London. Masterpiece London.
In the background you can see monumental sculptures by Dashi Nabakov and Fernando Botero. HEX is an abstract contemporary sculptor.
THREE APUANIC FORMS waiting for patination at Fonderia Artistica Mariani
Helena Bonham Carter visited the opening of an exhibition of Nicole Farhi at Abby Hignell Gallery Shepherdmarket, Mayfair, London.
Michele patinates THREE APUANIC FORMS.
The background for this abstract contemporary sculpture is a huge bronze of Igor Mitoraj. Hex is a Fellow of the ROYAL BRITISH SOCIETY OF SCULPTORS
Frieze London. Bill Gerrish works for Bowman Gallery. Izzy McGough, Julia Somerville, Helen Morris and Katie Green. Images of Luxury London Getty.
Most of the famous british artists like Henry Moore or Barbara Hepworth worked in bronze. HEX is a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.


Robert Bowman Gallery as well as Abby Hignell showed bronzes made by Nicole Farhi in London.

Alternative view of APUANICA

Thaddaeus Ropac runs galleries in Salzburg, Paris and London. Richard Deacon is a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.


Alternative views of FLORA

Helaine Blumenfeldshuge bronze sculpture FORTUNA was unveiled by Sir George Iacobescu at Canary Wharf London.
The wax of DORA MAAR after retouching. In the rear left stands a plaster model of Helaine Blumenfelds FORTUNA

Two views of DORA MAAR in wax

This abstract modern sculpture evokes the feeling of a plant. Damian Lewis visited the Abby Hignell Gallery in Shepherd Street London.

Alternative views of PIANTE RARE

Moulds for the bronze PIANTE RARE at Fonderia Artistica Mariani in Pietrasanta Italy. Helaine Blumenfeld casts here, too.
12 parts of the mould for PIANTE RARE
Fonderia Artistica Mariani in Pietrasanta works for Fernando Botero, Yves Dana, HEX, Helaine Blumenfeld and Margot Homan, too.
Painting the mould of PIANTE RARE with fine red wax.
Fonderia Artistica Mariani casts for famous sculptors like Fernando Botero, Mitoraj and Helaine Blumenfeld.
Several wax parts of PIANTE RARE swimming in the cooling bowl together with parts for Botero sculptures.
Very famous artists work at Fonderia Artistica Mariani. Fernando Botero and Helaine Blumenfeld as well as Yves Dana and Richard Deacon.
HEX assembling PIANTE RARE out of six hollow parts made of wax.
Ben Russel, Neil Wenman, Izzy McGough, Sarah Lucas, Damian Lewis, Sophie Ryder, Bill Gerrish, Robert Bowman and Abba Hignell live in London.
In the background stands a monumantal sculpture by Fernando Botero.
Several bronzes wait for patination