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Helaine Blimenfeld OBE was the curator of this exhibition of members of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. The sculptor Richard Deacon is a member, too.
ASTEROID at show in "The Visionary Landscape Of Sir Robert Burgess" at the University of Leicester. The curator was Helaine Blumenfeld. Her three bronzes "The Space Within" can be seen in front. 37 Fellows of the RBS showed 43 sculptures.

It can easily been seen that HEX got some inspiration by objects from Tony Cragg and Roxy Paine. Also the huge "CLOUD GATE" sculpture by Anish Kapoor reflects in his mirror finished stainless pieces.

Am Mirabellplatz in Salzburg befindet sich die Galerie von Thaddaeus Ropac. Er vertritt Tony Cragg, Antony Gormley und Richard Deacon.
Proposal for an ASTEROID in front of the gallery of Thaddaeus Ropac in Salzburg.

To use this industrial material stainless steel for quite organic sculptures is a very unusual and difficult way of sculpting

Der Bildhauer Hex ist inspiriert von Tony Cragg, Anish Kapoor und Richard Deacon. Aber auch Helaine Blumenfeld und Peter Randall-Page London

The title of this sculpture " In A Million Years " refers not only to the outward look but also to the extremely high quality of this piece.

The artist Hex is inspired by sculptors like Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Sir Anthony Caro but also by modern abstracts like Tony Cragg and Gormley
Modern abstract ASTEROID sculpture by HEX who is a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors like Helaine Blumenfeld and Richard Deacon. Helaine Blumenfeld is represented by Abby Hignell Gallery in London.
Hex würde gerne einen ASTEROIDEN im Storm King Art Center, Mountainville New York oder im Yorkshire Sculpture Park zeigen.
Draft for a conservatory for private collectors in Cambridge. The ASTEROID shall consist out of glass and stainless steel and be connected to the house.
Abstract Asteroid sculptures by Hex. Hex is a Fellow of The Royal British Society Of Sculptors like Helaine Blumenfeld and Richard Deacon.

This small "ASTEROIDEN TANGO" sculpture garden is on show during the Gartenschau Pfaffenhofen ( close to Munich ) from May 24th until August 20th. HEX was invited by the garden architect Michael Richter from Kirchdorf who planned and realized the show garden.

Hex would like to be represented by Galerie Buchmann, Galerie Ludorff, Galerie Konrad Fischer which also represent Tony Cragg in Düsseldorf.
Abstract modern british sculptors like Tony Cragg and Richard Deacon inspire HEX who is a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in London
Contemporary abstract sculptures like this created by the sculptor HEX are uniques. HEX is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors like Anthony Gormley, Tony Cragg or Richard Deacon.
Construction of an ASTEROID out of stainless sheet. In the end there will be over 1000 pieces added up.
The first large ASTEROID sculpture was made by HEX for an exhibition curated by Helaine Blumenfeld at the University of Leicester.
Inner construction of an ASTEROID
Haunch of Vension. Jane Eliot, Caroline Rush, Robert Fox, Fiona Golfar, Bill Nighy and David Hare live in London. Blain/Southern Gallery London.
Proposal for an ASTEROID sculpture at Piazza Duomo in Pietrasanta, Italy.
Abstract modern british sculptors, like Anish Kapoor, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Antony Gormley and Helaine Blumenfeld influence Hex.
This smooth mirror finished stainless sculpture reminds me a bit of the "CLOUD GATE" by Anish Kapoor. Nicole Farhi lives in London and shows sometimes at Abby Hignell Gallery.
Richard Serra uses Corten steel too for his modern abstract sculptures
Hex works at the same foundry like Yves Dana and Fernando Botero. Yves Dana like Hanneke Beaumont is represented by Bowman Gallery in London
Anish Kapoor, Ai Wei Wei and Richard Deacon represent modern british sculpture like HEX does. Tony Cragg works with Thaddaeus Ropac in Salzburg.
Bronzes were made by artists like Henry Moore, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Antony Gromley, Sir Anthony Caro and HEX.
THE ROYAL EGG bronze in a private collection

This "Sculpture Garden" installed by the garden architect Michael Richter and HEX at the BUGA Federal Gardening Show 2005 won 4 Gold Medals.

13 stainless steel sculptures by HEX were integrated in this show garden.

Robert Fox and Fiona Golfar visit an exhibition opening. HEX sculptor London

APOLLINAIRE and BIG BEN belong to the private collection of the artist

IRON AGE PRIEST by HEX is near Storm King Art Center.

IRON AGE PRIEST was set up by HEX in the middle of the Canadian woods at

Lake Memphremagog. The sculpture is made of scrap found in the forest and stones. Michaela and Carl Otto built a studio space there for HEX which he used from 1993 until 2002.

Anna Wintour and Nicole Farhi visited the London Fashion Week together. David Gill Gallery is based in London. Abby Hignell is based in Mayfair, London.
IRONMAN stands tall on a traffic round about in Taufkirchen / Vils since 2001.
Galerie Thomas is situated in Munich. The sculptor Hex knows Silke Thomas who runs a gallery in Munich but not in London or Paris like Thaddaeus Ropac does.

HEX was born in 1964. He uses only machinery that is older than him. Both DEMAG cranes are from 1963 as his ZETTELMEYER forklift is. The HANOMAG GRANIT 500 was built in 1961 and still lifts 1 ton. As there is no electronics HEX can fix the machines himself and sometimes even fabricates some spareparts. Keep it analog and low tech.

Cloud Gate is a sculpture by Anish Kapoor which inspiered Hex for hia Asteroids. Also he is influenced by David Smith, Richard Deacon and Tony Cragg

Every summer HEX works on his property changing it from an old farm to a sculpture garden

Sir Anthony Caro, Nigel Hall, Jean Tinguely and Bernar Venet are modern abstract sculptors who influenced the sculptor Hex deeply.

ASTEROID LE17RH is loaded on the trailer to go to the show in Leicester

Abstract modern british sculpture is sometimes heavy. HEX is a fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors like Richard Deacon or Sir Anthony Caro.
Got stuck with your crane ? Pull yourself out with your second one ! That´s why everybody should have two of them.
El Sourdog Hex is based in Berlin. Hex is a Fellow of the royal british society of sculptors in London as his fellows Helaine Blumenfeld and Richard Deacon are.

Several pieces for the large version of LES PLANTES PLASMATIQUES in Corten steel and the stainless scale model

Thaddaeus Ropac has galeries in Salzburg, Paris and London. He represents Tony Cragg. But also shows works of Antony Gormley and Anselm Kiefer
An abstract modern sculpture called TORSO made by the sculptor HEX who is Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors like Helaine Blumenfeld OBE.
TORSO Sammlung Sonnendorfer Seeshaupt / Starnberg