Historical context in a comparison of photpgraphies

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JU 87 G captured and flown by British forces

JU 87 G captured and flown by American forces

BATTLE OF BRITAIN MEMORIAL in Capel-Le-Ferne at the White Cliffs of Dover

The sculpture DOWN TWO EARTH is a priject by HEX about JOSEPH BEUYS and the artists father. It will be a MASTERPIECE for BURGHLEY HOUSE.
HEX working on a stainless steel sculpture. He would love to show with MARIAN GOODMAN GALLERY at FRIEZE ART FAIR in London.

HEX` father in the front row right around 1940, two grey " Felt Suits" by Beuys and Jospeh Beuys in Luftwaffe outfit.

Original photo Battle of Britain 1940

HEX `father working as an interpreter for the American, British and German forces