Historical context in a comparison of photpgraphies

JU 87 G captured and flown by British forces

STUKA pilot becomes British POW in West Sussex September 1940

JU 87 G captured and flown by American forces

March 2019 the sculpture moves to the sculpture garden of Burghley House

The sculpture moves in February 2020 to the

BATTLE OF BRITAIN MEMORIAL in Capel-Le-Ferne at the White Cliffs of Dover

The sculpture DOWN TWO EARTH is a priject by HEX about JOSEPH BEUYS and the artists father. It will be a MASTERPIECE for BURGHLEY HOUSE.
HEX working on a stainless steel sculpture. He would love to show with MARIAN GOODMAN GALLERY at FRIEZE ART FAIR in London.

HEX` father in the front row right around 1940, two grey " Felt Suits" by Beuys and Jospeh Beuys in Luftwaffe outfit.

Original photo Battle of Britain 1940

HEX `father working as an interpreter for the American, British and German forces